Media Portfolio

In addition to photography, I enjoy working with other mediums such as film and audio.

Below are two pieces I created with classmates.

The Leprechaun's Dreamcycle
The Dreamcycle
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The Dreamcycle is a radio documentary about the The Leprechaun's Dreamcycle, a local ice cream business. The Business was created by Stephen Gallivan, who sells ice cream around Saint Paul and at individual events. The documentary covers his son, Archie's involvement in the business, as well as how it has affected how he plans to lead his life.

The documentary was created by Matt Davies and myself.

Francisco Rios
A Road Less Traveled
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A Road Less Traveled is a film about a high school auto repair program. It focuses on the opportunities that the program provides, particularly when compared to a typical highschool education. To do this, the documentary tells the story of Francisco Rios, a student in the program.

The film was created by Matt Davies, Leo Moulsoff, and myself.

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