Rack of Keithley Power Supplies

Starting in 2019, I worked as a developer and lab technician at Cyclikal, a company providing high precision calorimetry testing for lithium-ion batteries.

My work focused on developing the Cyckei software package which automates voltage and current steps and data handling while cycling li-ion cells. Older versions of the software and accompanying tools are open source and available on GitHub.

Hobby Components

I have explored manufacturing small components with 3D printing and manual machining techniques. Some of these projects are bicycle related and stem from issues I have run into while working as a professional mechanic, while others are just fun opportunities to practice designing and fabricating various objects.

Pictured are a selection of items I’ve made including machined aluminum top caps for bike cockpits, a front light and GoPro compatible mount, and some bits that help with common bike repairs such as hydraulic brake caliper service and bleeding.

Top Cap 3D Parts Front Light Mount
Machined Parts Mount Dimensions Hub Bearing